About Us

The Alan Watson Foundation (AWF), founded in 2005, is a nonprofit scholarly organization established by the University of Belgrade in honor of Alan Watson who is Distinguished Research Professor and Ernest P. Rogers Chair of Law at the University of Georgia School of Law, and doctor honoris causa of the University of Belgrade.

Our fundamental mission is to encourage and disseminate a multidisciplinary understanding of law, and foster scholarship broadly focusing on the correlation between law and society. By gathering around the international scientific community devoted to research of law in its social context, AWF is dedicated to the development of comparative law and legal history via developing international cooperation in these fields, publishing electronic publications, information dissemination and other activities.

Our mission is also to inspire and reward the achievements of our students. Since 2005,   gifted students have earned the Alan Watson Prize for their contributions in the understanding of legal transplants and the diffusion of law in specific historical contexts.

The Foundation is led by President Prof. Sima Avramović, renowned professor of legal history and Roman law, comparative law, and rhetoric at the University of Belgrade School of Law.